A Winning Trick That Everyone Should Try

Having a new perspective on anything in life is a great experience.  It’s discovering a world that you didn’t know existed.  Or if you did know it existed, you took it for granted.

Sometimes you have to make do with what you have.  I have always wanted a macro lens.  I have never been able to justify getting one yet because they are very expensive (as is all camera equipment) and specific.  There’s something so unique and intriguing about seeing such small subjects so close.  It gives you a perspective that, unless taking the time with a magnifying glass or macro lens, we would not have noticed the amount of detail that so many things have.

Insects gross me out.  I think I’m not alone in feeling that way.  Spiders, ear wigs, potato bugs, centipedes, and many many more are the bugs I stay away from.  But, at a “safe” distance (meaning as long as they aren’t crawling on me) they can be fascinating.  We’ve all seen those photos of the magnified common house fly.  Everyone I know takes every chance they get to swat at them,  but when you view them up close, you see how amazing and detailed their eyes are, among other things.  Something so common becomes something so unique.


In this photo’s case, I was gardening in my yard.  I went to go get my gloves and there he was.  This beautiful little caterpillar.  I quickly grabbed my camera and went to take a shot.  The result was so boring.  It just looked like a big yellow glove with a pipe cleaner on it.  How could I get closer?  I remembered something I learned about shooting a macro shot without a macro lens.  I then removed my 18-55mm lens from the camera and flipped it around to take the shot.  Since the lens does not screw on backwards, I had to hold it firmly to the camera and block the light out with my hands.  Also, since it doesn’t attach to the camera, you can’t properly focus.  So I had to move back and forth towards the caterpillar in order to get it in focus.  I finally arrived at the proper distance and caught him perfectly.  The detail was amazing.  This creepy caterpillar morphed into a beautiful picture.  It has always been one of my favorites.

More recently, there is this digital photography website that holds challenges for photographers to enter their work in.  This particular challenge was called MACRO CATERPILLAR.  I entered the above picture (even though I didn’t shoot it on a macro) and hoped for the best.  31 people entered the challenge and 486 people voted.  I was very proud and excited to hear that my photo got in first place!!  This just goes to show you, you don’t need the best equipment to take great shots.  If you are creative enough, and you have a passion, you can achieve great results.

On a side note, does anyone know what kind of butterfly this turns in to?  I would love to know.

I recommend people who own an DSLR to try this out.  Who needs a macro lens (though it would be nice)?

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