After 33 years Lydia…

This all started when one of my closest friends suggested, “Hey, while we’re away on our trip, let’s get a tattoo”.  I’m thirty-three years old.  I have no tattoos up to this point so most people would think, well, if I haven’t gotten one by now, why bother?  Throughout my twenties, when everyone else was getting tattooed I just thought, I’m going to be different, everyone else has one.  Plus, there was nothing that I felt was important enough to permanently place on my body.  I felt at one point that getting a tattoo made people think that they were unique and different from everyone else.  But they have become “the norm”.  Nothing about tattoos was unique (in my eyes). Lydia's tat-3 Now that I am thirty-three and am married with two kids, things have shifted.  Everything is so planned, not spontaneous and very structured.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I love my life, in general, but it is pretty routine.  So when I had the opportunity to go away on my girlfriend’s bachelorette trip, I really wanted to have a great time and step out of my comfort zone.  Mind you, I didn’t get the tattoo on my trip but it definitely got me thinking about what I would get if I did get one.  Once the trip came, all my friends chickened out of course, but I still took it seriously. Lydia's tat-2 After much thought, I  combined a few ideas and came up with something that I could love and be proud of.  I think I would consider myself a naturey person. I love the idea of making a wish with the seeded dandelion and I always love watching my son pick one and blow it like it’s a magical thing.  I thought about how blessed I am to have these two perfect boys and that my wishes have come true.  So there it was.  My tattoo was a blowing dandelion with two birds (my two boys) at the end. Lydia's tat-4 I did my research and found a reputable tattoo parlor.  Motor City Tattoos have great artists who do amazing work.  I was surprised at how friendly they all were.  Since this was my first tattoo and I did decide to place it in a spot where I heard is one of the most painful spots, I was a little nervous.  They eased my mind and my artist Rob Ethier was very nice.  He changed things that I wanted different and listened to my vision. Lydia's tat It turns out, the pain was nothing.  Well, not nothing, but I would definitely rather that pain to the pain of getting my teeth scaled at the dentist.  In the end, it was a great experience, and I love my tattoo.  AND… it means something to me! About what I said earlier about it not being unique to have a tattoo…I was wrong.  Everyone who has one that means something to THEM, is unique.  Now, if my kids ask to get a tattoo when they get older, I can say… “well I waited until I was thirty-three… it took me thirty-three years to decide”.  Putting much thought in to your tattoo takes years of life experience and I’m glad I waited as long as I did. Lydia's tat-5

One Comment on “After 33 years Lydia…

  1. Welcome to the club, Lydia. It only took me about 43 years to get my first one and now I can’t wait to get another one. Careful…these things are an addiction. 😉

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