A Beautiful Wedding

Photographing two people who have such a strong love for each other is an honour and a privilege.  When we were asked to capture their wedding day we were over joyed.  Jessica and Kevin’s wedding was filled with lots of family and friends who have known the couple for years.  Sometimes when we get asked to photograph couples or events it doesn’t always go very smoothly.  Sometimes people do not feel comfortable in front of the camera and many other reasons.  We had a great time capturing their day because Jessica and Kevin, along with their wedding party, were so easy-going and always ready to participate and have fun.  Everyone looked amazing but most of all, Jessica, the beautiful bride, was stunning.  From make up to dress, head to toe, she was gorgeous.  Pre wedding-4

One of my favorite parts of photographing this wedding was capturing the “getting ready”.  Everyone was excited and pumped about the wedding.  The bride was all nervous and excited.  It’s great for capturing pure emotions.  Jessica had a very fun, but relaxed “getting ready”.  Everyone congregated at her parent’s house and got ready all together.  She had a great make up artist and hair stylist that seemed to have everyone done and all pretty with time to spare.

Pre wedding-22You could tell all the bridesmaids have a strong connection with Jessica as they all comfort her nerves and compliment how great she looks.  They all helped her get ready and dressed and they had some great laughs too.  Once everyone was ready we photographed around her parents house and took some really fun pictures.


Pre wedding-19

Driving to the ceremony was different.  They had the opportunity to get driven in Jessica’s grandparent’s nice 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible.  She arrived in style and her driver, who was also her dad, couldn’t be more proud to have the job of getting her there.Parkwood-26

They had a touching ceremony then it was quickly off to Parkwood Estates for the formal pictures.  This place is a beautiful historic site that looks great in photographs.  When we heard that Jessica and Kevin’s wedding pictures would to be taken at this location, we were very excited to say the least.  It made our job easier and made their pictures more beautiful.  We had great weather and even though we only had a short period of time to work with, we made it work.  Scouting the location before the wedding helped us prepare and not rush with the little time we had.

Photographing Jessica and Kevin’s wedding was an amazing experience and we feel proud of our work.  We hope the lovely couple enjoys reminiscing one of the most important day of their lives.  Thank you Jessica and Kevin for including us in your day.



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