Fire Fighter Liam

Fireman Liam

Sometimes you start a day without many expectations.  Most days start exactly like the last.  But on this morning we woke and got the kids ready for the day then headed to Picton, Ontario.  We were staying at a friend’s cottage and thought we would go in to town and look around… maybe get some ice cream.  That was about it.  As we arrived in to Picton, we were getting the kids out of the car when my dad decided to take Liam around the corner to see the front of the Fire Station that we had just parked behind.  Liam had dressed as a Fire Fighter for 3 years in a row for Halloween and my dad thought he would like to take a look.

As the rest of waited and got my other son out of the car we heard a horn from the fire truck go off.  We could tell it wasn’t a regular blow of the horn so we figured Liam had something to do with it.  We all hurried over to the front of the station and there he was with a fire fighter named Tim and a HUGE grin on his face.

Fireman Liam-7 Tim went above and beyond.  Liam was excited enough that he got to hear the horn but then Tim went and got out a Fire Fighter outfit for Liam to put on.  We were all so happy that he went this far just for Liam.  Then when we didn’t think it could get any better, Tim let Liam hold the fire hose!  We got a few pictures then he asked Liam, “Do you want to spray the hose?”  Of course Liam was so excited to hear that (I admit, we were a little excited ourselves) and they walked over to the side of the Fire Station and sprayed the wall.  I have never seen Liam so excited and happy. Fireman Liam-3 Tim made my son’s day (maybe even year… or life).  Liam wants to be a Fire Fighter now more than ever.  I think Tim saw the excitement in my son’s eyes and it was probably just as fulfilling for him to show it to someone like Liam.

Fireman Liam-4

In the future, if Liam ever becomes a Fire Fighter, I would love to show him these pictures.  Or maybe he won’t need them because it will all be such a great memory for him.  Little acts of kindness like this don’t happen every day.  TIm didn’t have to open the doors that day and go above and beyond for a random kid walking by.  He obviously did it because he is a good person, enjoys kids, and maybe even hopes he makes a difference in a kid’s life.  As if he doesn’t positively affect people’s lives enough in his line of work. Fireman Liam-9Fireman Liam-8 Thank you Tim from Price Edward County… this is a day we will all never forget your kindness to our little Liam.  Our trip to Picton for ice cream turned into a great day.  How were we going to top the rest of the trip now?

One Comment on “Fire Fighter Liam

  1. Thanks for the visit Liam and family, wonderful memory and a pleasant surprise discovering this page. Hope to see you again at our new station in Picton at 8 McDonald Drive. We have some exciting new additions to our fleet of fire trucks.

    Tim Kraemer
    Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue

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