Fire Fighter Liam

Fireman Liam

Sometimes you start a day without many expectations.  Most days start exactly like the last.  But on this morning we woke and got the kids ready for the day then headed to Picton, Ontario.  We were staying at a friend’s cottage and thought we would go in to town and look around… maybe get some ice cream.  That was about it.  As we arrived in to Picton, we were getting the kids out of the car when my dad decided to take Liam around the corner to see the front of the Fire Station that we had just parked behind.  Liam had dressed as a Fire Fighter for 3 years in a row for Halloween and my dad thought he would like to take a look.

As the rest of waited and got my other son out of the car we heard a horn from the fire truck go off.  We could tell it wasn’t a regular blow of the horn so we figured Liam had something to do with it.  We all hurried over to the front of the station and there he was with a fire fighter named Tim and a HUGE grin on his face.

Fireman Liam-7 Tim went above and beyond.  Liam was excited enough that he got to hear the horn but then Tim went and got out a Fire Fighter outfit for Liam to put on.  We were all so happy that he went this far just for Liam.  Then when we didn’t think it could get any better, Tim let Liam hold the fire hose!  We got a few pictures then he asked Liam, “Do you want to spray the hose?”  Of course Liam was so excited to hear that (I admit, we were a little excited ourselves) and they walked over to the side of the Fire Station and sprayed the wall.  I have never seen Liam so excited and happy. Fireman Liam-3 Tim made my son’s day (maybe even year… or life).  Liam wants to be a Fire Fighter now more than ever.  I think Tim saw the excitement in my son’s eyes and it was probably just as fulfilling for him to show it to someone like Liam.

Fireman Liam-4

In the future, if Liam ever becomes a Fire Fighter, I would love to show him these pictures.  Or maybe he won’t need them because it will all be such a great memory for him.  Little acts of kindness like this don’t happen every day.  TIm didn’t have to open the doors that day and go above and beyond for a random kid walking by.  He obviously did it because he is a good person, enjoys kids, and maybe even hopes he makes a difference in a kid’s life.  As if he doesn’t positively affect people’s lives enough in his line of work. Fireman Liam-9Fireman Liam-8 Thank you Tim from Price Edward County… this is a day we will all never forget your kindness to our little Liam.  Our trip to Picton for ice cream turned into a great day.  How were we going to top the rest of the trip now?

After 33 years Lydia…

This all started when one of my closest friends suggested, “Hey, while we’re away on our trip, let’s get a tattoo”.  I’m thirty-three years old.  I have no tattoos up to this point so most people would think, well, if I haven’t gotten one by now, why bother?  Throughout my twenties, when everyone else was getting tattooed I just thought, I’m going to be different, everyone else has one.  Plus, there was nothing that I felt was important enough to permanently place on my body.  I felt at one point that getting a tattoo made people think that they were unique and different from everyone else.  But they have become “the norm”.  Nothing about tattoos was unique (in my eyes). Lydia's tat-3 Now that I am thirty-three and am married with two kids, things have shifted.  Everything is so planned, not spontaneous and very structured.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I love my life, in general, but it is pretty routine.  So when I had the opportunity to go away on my girlfriend’s bachelorette trip, I really wanted to have a great time and step out of my comfort zone.  Mind you, I didn’t get the tattoo on my trip but it definitely got me thinking about what I would get if I did get one.  Once the trip came, all my friends chickened out of course, but I still took it seriously. Lydia's tat-2 After much thought, I  combined a few ideas and came up with something that I could love and be proud of.  I think I would consider myself a naturey person. I love the idea of making a wish with the seeded dandelion and I always love watching my son pick one and blow it like it’s a magical thing.  I thought about how blessed I am to have these two perfect boys and that my wishes have come true.  So there it was.  My tattoo was a blowing dandelion with two birds (my two boys) at the end. Lydia's tat-4 I did my research and found a reputable tattoo parlor.  Motor City Tattoos have great artists who do amazing work.  I was surprised at how friendly they all were.  Since this was my first tattoo and I did decide to place it in a spot where I heard is one of the most painful spots, I was a little nervous.  They eased my mind and my artist Rob Ethier was very nice.  He changed things that I wanted different and listened to my vision. Lydia's tat It turns out, the pain was nothing.  Well, not nothing, but I would definitely rather that pain to the pain of getting my teeth scaled at the dentist.  In the end, it was a great experience, and I love my tattoo.  AND… it means something to me! About what I said earlier about it not being unique to have a tattoo…I was wrong.  Everyone who has one that means something to THEM, is unique.  Now, if my kids ask to get a tattoo when they get older, I can say… “well I waited until I was thirty-three… it took me thirty-three years to decide”.  Putting much thought in to your tattoo takes years of life experience and I’m glad I waited as long as I did. Lydia's tat-5


What is going on here?

What is going on???


A Winning Trick That Everyone Should Try

Having a new perspective on anything in life is a great experience.  It’s discovering a world that you didn’t know existed.  Or if you did know it existed, you took it for granted.

Sometimes you have to make do with what you have.  I have always wanted a macro lens.  I have never been able to justify getting one yet because they are very expensive (as is all camera equipment) and specific.  There’s something so unique and intriguing about seeing such small subjects so close.  It gives you a perspective that, unless taking the time with a magnifying glass or macro lens, we would not have noticed the amount of detail that so many things have.

Insects gross me out.  I think I’m not alone in feeling that way.  Spiders, ear wigs, potato bugs, centipedes, and many many more are the bugs I stay away from.  But, at a “safe” distance (meaning as long as they aren’t crawling on me) they can be fascinating.  We’ve all seen those photos of the magnified common house fly.  Everyone I know takes every chance they get to swat at them,  but when you view them up close, you see how amazing and detailed their eyes are, among other things.  Something so common becomes something so unique.


In this photo’s case, I was gardening in my yard.  I went to go get my gloves and there he was.  This beautiful little caterpillar.  I quickly grabbed my camera and went to take a shot.  The result was so boring.  It just looked like a big yellow glove with a pipe cleaner on it.  How could I get closer?  I remembered something I learned about shooting a macro shot without a macro lens.  I then removed my 18-55mm lens from the camera and flipped it around to take the shot.  Since the lens does not screw on backwards, I had to hold it firmly to the camera and block the light out with my hands.  Also, since it doesn’t attach to the camera, you can’t properly focus.  So I had to move back and forth towards the caterpillar in order to get it in focus.  I finally arrived at the proper distance and caught him perfectly.  The detail was amazing.  This creepy caterpillar morphed into a beautiful picture.  It has always been one of my favorites.

More recently, there is this digital photography website that holds challenges for photographers to enter their work in.  This particular challenge was called MACRO CATERPILLAR.  I entered the above picture (even though I didn’t shoot it on a macro) and hoped for the best.  31 people entered the challenge and 486 people voted.  I was very proud and excited to hear that my photo got in first place!!  This just goes to show you, you don’t need the best equipment to take great shots.  If you are creative enough, and you have a passion, you can achieve great results.

On a side note, does anyone know what kind of butterfly this turns in to?  I would love to know.

I recommend people who own an DSLR to try this out.  Who needs a macro lens (though it would be nice)?

Pollution or Art?

While on my drive home from work I received a call from my husband letting me know that there was a photo challenge all about pollution being held on a photography website.  The only problem was that the challenge deadline was that same night.  I thought this would be an impossible task since it was already the evening and I was already on my way home.  It was a very long day, I had my son in the car and I was exhausted.  When I thought about pollution, the first things that came to my mind was garbage, smoke stacks, water pollution, and so on.  There was nothing like that on my way home.  Plus, that’s what everyone else was going to submit.

It was about 5 minutes after that call that I drove by a tree I see everyday on my way to and from work.  I pulled over and reversed back to it and thought about it.  This was an old, large maple tree on the edge of a field.  This wasn’t just any tree, this tree had probably one hundred or more pairs of shoes nailed to it.  Yes, shoes.  Kids shoes, adult shoes, sandals, flip-flops, boots, everything.  I always saw it as art I guess.  It was the “shoe tree”.  This challenge made me think about the “shoe tree” in a different way.  This was pollution.  The poor tree had hundreds of nails in it.  People climbing it to the top to get their shoes up to the highest point.  When you look close, it was just a bunch of garbage around a tree.  Shoes people would have otherwise just thrown out in their garbage at home, is now stuck to a tree.


As I looked up to the top of the tree I could tell that part of it was dying.  I never noticed it before.  It made me wonder, is it because of all the shoes that are apparently making it look artsy and cool?  All of those nails.

I came to the conclusion that it was definitely pollution, especially because all of the other trees around it were alive and thriving and this one was dying.  So I took my shots and drove off.  That night I entered the contest.  It was one of the only ones that didn’t have smoke stacks or garbage all over the ground.  I’m happy with the end result.  We’ll see what happens with the contest!

To check out the contest and vote, visit: Shadowbox Pollution Photo

Comments are always welcome.

Lydia Treacy


Long Winter

Proof-52I love looking back at the pictures we’ve taken.  Some remind me of things to look forward to and some remind me of the hard times we’ve overcome in the past.

When I look at the above picture, it makes me feel two things.  Because of the long winter we’ve had, I look at this and feel like I haven’t seen leaves and grass in FOREVER!  But I also feel excited.  I know that looking at Kevin and Jessica in this picture lets me know that Spring and Summer is just around the corner.  A time of warmth, life and of course, love.  Love being the fact that this great couple’s wedding is fast approaching and that is definetely something to look forward to.

Summer has always been so much more inspiring to me.  There is always something to capture.  There is always beauty.  People seem happier and more alive.  But I think it’s winters, like the one we just had, to make people (including myself) appreciate the summer weather so much more.  Without the bitter cold and tons of snow, we wouldn’t be grateful for warmth and life.  It would just be another thing we take for granted.

icy-4So I have learned (it took a long time) to appreciate winter.  I haven’t always been a fan of Winter, but now I try to find the beauty in it.  Even in the toughest of days, right around Christmas when we had no power, the ice storm produced such beautiful images.  The picture above was taken the day after the ice storm hit.  Right outside of our front door, the tree I see every day of my life, all of a sudden looked more beautiful than I’ve ever seen it before.  Jamie came out to take the picture at the right time, the sun was perfectly setting, and the tree was sparkling like it was made of crystal.

On my way down the road, I came across another tree I see every day.  The sun was also in a perfect spot, right behind the crystal tree.  Winter months tend to make people live each day with their heads down and bearing the cold, just wanting to get to their destination… where it’s warm.  But I guarantee you, if you walk with your head up, taking in as much as you can, you will see beauty in so many things.

With Spring coming, I look forward to new inspirations, new life and of course warmth.

-Lydia Treacy


Tractor pulling

This has to be the best Jack and Jill event I have seen to date.  It was a custom-made red neck tractor pull and worked just like a full-sized sled.  It had a clever pulley system to slowly lower the weight safely back down.  I believe it was loaded up to around 500lbs by the end of the night.  Keep in mind this was all being pulled by a modified tricycle.  If you liked this photo come give our Facebook page a like.

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